Spiritual-Sexual Integration™

  • Educational Series

Customized sessions for you and/or your partner.  A series of candid, up front, safe and educational. Something you never learned in sex education during your formative years in school or from your parents.  Karyn specializes in heart centered, compassionate education and holds an impeccable space in this often misunderstood and wounded area of sexuality. Her years as a shamanic practitioner and teacher brings extra benefits to you because of her highly developed intuitive gifts.

  • Intimacy Coaching for Women Only

Intimacy coaching from an intuitive perspective is helpful if you have been through traditional “textbook, talk therapy.”

Shamanic Tantra™ is not a practice that’s purely for people who are in a relationship, and the words ‘single’ and ‘happy’ are not mutually exclusive. There is much that you can learn and open to on your own. In fact, there are some things that require a time of solitude to blossom and mature, in order for clarity to occur and for you to develop a loving relationship with yourself.

  • Couples Retreat

Karyn has a an enormous background working with couples, often times a monogamous committed couple can reach new levels in their relationship when they are in a tropical place or different part of the country away from the children, work and the responsibilities of day to day living. 

Karyn has made it her mission to reach out and help support as many couples as she can to stay married or move on gracefully with love. This is not an easy task from an energetic perspective, but it’s her gift as she sees exactly what is going on between couples, she reads the energy between them and offers a safe place for the difficult questions to asked. Often the couple is in denial or so numb because of their own wounding around relationships working independently and one on one with Karyn is the best antidote.

Karyn has developed a professional and all encompassing curriculum to support couples to bring the sacredness of ancient teachings focused on shamanism into everyday life. 

You may inquire about a couples retreat or mini workshop by emailing karyn@shamanictantra.com, including a phone number where you can be reached.  Depending on your goal and what you would like to change, she can make recommendations for you to consider working with her or one of the respected teachers she has worked with personally over the years

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