Intimacy Coaching-Mentoring for Women and Couples in Person or SKYPE

Shamanic Tantra Intimacy coaching from an intuitive perspective is helpful if you have been through traditional therapy that didn’t seem to work or you are tired of “talk therapy.” 

Shamanic Tantra is not a practice that’s purely for people who are in a relationship, and the words ‘single’ and ‘happy’ are not mutually exclusive. There is much that you can learn and open to on your own. In fact, there are some things that require a time of solitude to blossom and mature, and you can always open to the Divine – that’s certainly not a blessing kept only for those people who are in a relationship.

Intimacy coaching is for singles and couples alike who want to enrich their knowledge in the art of love. Coaching can include all of this and much more!

  • Tools to increase intimacy with eye contact, conscious touching, conscious breathing, heart opening and harmonization techniques before coming together.
  • Learn tools of releasing emotions through ‘non violent communication’ which allows each person to have his or her feelings.
  • Meditation towards stillness for higher states of bliss.
  • Instructions to heal and awaken your husband, wife or significant other so they come closer to you and open their hearts and also feel nurtured and empowered.
  • Instructions to heal and awaken yourself to clear the residue of the past and allow more opening and expansion
  • Learn tools for self love that clear issues from the past that keep you from actualizing what you want.
  • Exercises to cultivate personal power and bring you back to wholeness.
  • Learn how to make your relationship more intimate and fun.
  • Let your lovemaking become a more fulfilling experience and learn how to merge with your partner in the dance of divine love.
  • Use you God given sensual energy as a path to love, healing and learn how to focus it towards greater creativity in what every you do.
  • Get expert guidance on the journey toward sacredness in lovemaking and intimate relating.
  • Learn how to honor each other in a sacred way in preparation for lovemaking.
  • Learn how to bring ritual and ceremony into the bedroom.
  • Most of all find clarity and confidence about what is right for you and what isn’t OK for you in this sensitive area. 

Karyn Armstrong-gifted shamanic healer, teacher, mentor and coach offers a comprehensive, potent and inspiring Personal and Couples Mentorship Program, custom fitted to your needs, intuitive interests, and spiritual goals.

While our culture has come to value alternative healing methods, often healing sessions and classes based in a plethora of esoteric studies aren’t enough. In today’s challenging world it’s critical to establish a foundation for personal growth.  With over 30 years of experience developing a highly sophisticated way of getting you into action and facilitating others, I offer a personal mentorship program assisting individuals and couples in addressing spiritual needs, assessing areas for growth, tailoring techniques and exercises to facilitate proven, successful spiritual needs and development of intuitive strengths for you as a committed couple or singe woman.

My goal in mentoring individuals along their spiritual paths is to bring the opportunity for spiritual healing and study together in a safe, supportive process of witnessing, engaging, and enjoying. This is the same way I will support you in being for each other.

I will introduce you to an ecstatic way of living. Shamanic Tantra® awakenings your creative potential and it brings more joy and love into your life. Learn how to access “sky dance,” during your love making for personal growth, problem solving and spiritual guidance, supporting you in aligning your energy with a much higher frequency and bringing out your unique magnetic personality. You will discover your ability and gift to heal yourself, others.  You will access ancient knowledge, develop your intuition for direct access to be able to see in the dark with your heart.  Using impeccable methods through the art of rhythm, clear focused intention, and relaxed breathing you will enter into an altered state of consciousness for connecting into spiritual dimension. It is a very reliable and safe.  It’s the foundational training for practicing shamanism. 

Please call Karyn Armstrong at 503-804-9441 for further exploration and to see if this is right for you. The most effective results are with a series of 5 sessions. Each session is about an hour, sometimes a little longer. My fee is $175 an hour. If you choose to do a series of 5 sessions the cost will paid in full will be $795. Weekly sessions, home work and a series of electronic documents will be sent for you to have as reference. 

It is always an honor!


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