My name is Karyn Armstrong and I am a Level III Certified Tantra Educator from the Source School of Tantra Yoga and Advanced Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher. I do not consider myself a healer, although others may. I facilitate a process for you creating a safe and sacred environment and potent space for you to heal and awaken to what is your birthright. It is my belief that no one truly heals another person. Depending on how open one is will determine the impact from the benefits you will achieve from Shamanic Spiritual Healing, or the benefits of Shamanic Tantra ™ practices or coaching.

I believe in today’s society our minds are overly stimulated, more and more we are addicted to noise and stimulation because it provides a numbing effect. Because of this we are no longer in touch with our bodies, our senses suffer and we are not able to recognize or hear our natural intuition or instincts. The joy of simple living we once experienced as children has disappeared. By claiming our natural childlike innocence again we start to live from a deeper, grounded, present more spontaneous place and start to embody the natural flow of life. You become your own best friend again. It wasn’t until I learned for myself how to channel my creative life force energy that life took on a new meaning for me and I saw the incredible benefits of spiritual-sexual integration.  Just one exciting benefit was it allowed me to find passion in my life for the creative arts which was always deep with in, but through the process I recovered many of my own soul parts I didn’t even know I lost, so I developed a process through Soul Collage(r), called the Harmonic Visions Spirit Wheel.  This is just one small benefit I personally received.  For more in-depth information on me and my background please visit Harmonic Visions.

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