Namaste! Divine love expressed through sexuality has the great potential to be more fulfilling then what most of us have experienced. The secret to unlocking the magic we all possess is sourced from a place of stillness between two people who have allowed themselves to relax deeply enough that they are no longer trying to go anywhere or achieve anything. The great relief of letting go of goals opens a space in a sacred union to realize there really is anything to gain and nothing to lose. Love is experienced as a free and holy expression of our divine essence when expressed through our hearts. Sexual intimacy is then but one glorious expression of that love. This is the place that I teach sacred sexuality and the ancient and true teachings of tantra practices with you. Learn to completely relax into  being and trust yourself as you are.  Become aware and allow the dance of energy between you and your Beloved to merge as one or what I call a Third energy.

Shamanic Tantra ™ is an experience born from my work as a shamanic practitioner. During my work I discovered that my clients were awakening to their own creative life force energy (sexual energy) and at the same time they were not able to discern what to do with it, how to direct it and how to use this precious gift we all have to bring more abundance, love, peace and joy into their life and the lives of those around them. In our culture there is so much confusion around sexuality and we are either repressed or addicted, and have suffered abuse through incest, not honoring our true essence, because we are so out of our bodies.

Tantra like Yoga, Zen or Shamanism is a spiritual path, which has its roots in India. It is nicknamed the “science of ecstasy” and focuses on heightening and prolonging the special awareness and love between couples. By being aware, meditating, singing, chanting and aligning your energy with that of the one you love, healing occurs, trust happens, intimacy is expanded, listening becomes a sacred art and being present is the breath of LOVE.

Tantra philosophy teaches everything is to be experienced playfully, yet with awareness and a sense of sacredness in every gesture, every sensory perception, and every action. The path of Tantra is a spiritual one, which includes and appreciates the experience of our sexuality and sensuality as a conscious meditation, as a flowing together of the physical, erotic and cosmic energies.  Shamanic Tantra ™ is a merging of spiritual-sexual integration, using movement, breath, sound and rhythm to open up or awaken your senses to being present to what is and what might not be showing up in the moment.

If you were a devoted student of tantra philosophy, you would go through an extensive program of physical, sexual and mental exercises to heighten your sensory awareness. Through slow and thoughtful practice in lovemaking you would learn to comfortably extend the time of lovemaking. In this way you would train yourself to be aware of not only your own feelings but also those of your Beloved. The spiritual part of Tantra is to use your creative life force energy (sexual energy) to merge ecstatically with your partner and through him or her to become one with the universe or god as a Divine Union, by opening the heart.

Nothing can match the explosive energy created in the body by pure desire. The energies fueled by passion are used to nourish the inner flame that melts the egotistical perception of the mind. I invite you to discover for yourself the Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine within your own heart and mind that enable you to attain mastery of the breath, thought, and the natural process of the body towards ecstatic pleasure and love for yourself that you never knew existed. Take this into sacred union with another and you will never settle for anything less again.

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